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Grand opening of Bananachan!

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Welcome to /bf/, there's no turning back now!

This board is for brick enthusiasts of all kind. Please obey the rules of the board!

>Rule 1: Obey all global rules

>Rule 2: All threads must relate to bricks
>Rule 3: Only interact if you're a part of the BRICK FANDOM

Brick on, builders!

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Only real /bf/'s of mine like being bricked alive. What are your favorite tales of bricking anon, I'll lay down the foundations first:

The classics like Cask of Amontilado and The Lustful Vestal Virgins in ancient Rome are my personal favorite.


i bricked my wife dumbass


Post the wall or it didn't happen


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heres her grav


shes in the grave btw. i bricked her so dead


┬┴┬┴┤(・_ ├┬┴┬┴

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|___|___|___|BRICKTUBER GENERAL THREAD|___|___|___|
Post your favorite brick related youtubers!

Bricktubers preferred, but one-off forays into the rectangular clay arts by other youtubers are allowed if it isn't boring af
Featured Bricktubers:
Anwarul Kabir, the traditional brick champion with endless brick content

Red Brick Official, up and coming brick DIY channel

Inventus, maker of the tiny bricks
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Ok, so I'm new here but I'm a massive fan of bricks. I am wondering has anyone here ever got their free brick from bricksrus.com? They sell engraved bricks. They sell engraved bricks for fundraiser things, like "donate to get a brick with ur name on it on a walkway" but I'm thinking of buying labeled bricks WITHOUT doing a fundraiser (im an absolute madlad I know), but no way I'm turning down a FREE ENGRAVED BRICK.

I'm just hoping it doesn't say something lame.

Has anyone else done this and what does the brick say? Thanks.

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stair brick babyyyy

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color: brick

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