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Grand opening of Bananachan!

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Welcome to /g/!

/g/ is the board for all things related to technology!

/g/ rules
>No pornographic imagery
>ALL threads must relate to technology
>Obey all global rules

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Da Pornhub or Da YouPorn fo today?

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>be me
>developing a game
>MonoBehaviour.Update() exists
>gotta run "some" if statements
>framerate drops to 10 on high end PCs
>"it's just kids with low end laptops"

pic related

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nintendo got the stiffy uh


Somebody's already found a way to use the stuff in the leak to use a custom boot2 on 2008+ Wiis, absolutely mental


I plan on taking heavy advantage of the leak for my own work, especially since we have signing keys now


Whatchu niggas runnin' personally can't wait to play Pajama Sam 3 on my build

Ryzen 5 2600 3.73ghz OC
Gtx 1660 Super OC'd
16gb DDR4 3000mhz
Multiple shitty 5,400-7,200rpm hard drives
Gay storage I know


Waiting on a ThinkPad T480 to come in the mail.

Intel i5-8350u
Integrated Graphics (L)
256 PCIe SSD

Once I can afford it, the goal is to get an external GPU to use with it, fitted with a GTX 1050 Ti.

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Has Technology gone too far, making sex forgetable amongst all the porn on YouPorn.com because PornHub porn is for losers


Yes. The internet is responsible for ruining the concept of sex and fucking up all hopes of it being anything more than a fun activity to do with your friends. Thank you, degenerates :^)

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hey /g/oys who is this man?


Why that's the master Clinet taking on the skin of its predecessor


The man behind the clinet.

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