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Grand opening of Bananachan!

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Welcome to the Pew Pew board

This board is for the discussion of weapons of all varieties. Obey all global rules and enjoy.

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boutta take these to the range today and test them out


Ah dude, nice but why pick such low caliber?


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Take the supersoaker pill anon.

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anyone have the slightest interest in building their own pew pews? ((disclaimer its legal so long as you register it with your local pd dept when ur done and its not like full auto and short))

currently building an akm. wb yall?


Yes, actually. Shit just looks so complex that I haven't even tried looking into it.


well what gun u tryin to build? some require machine shops to rebuild from parts kits ((parts kits are 100% legal so long as ur 18)) and some require just a hammer and a drill


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You don't have to register shit unless the local laws say so. Federally the only thing that you can't do in terms of homemade firearms (without a fuckton of background checks, paperwork, fees, and waiting periods) is manufacture NFA firearms. I'm planning on making an Irish Trombone just to say I did. It'd be pretty cool to have a rusty 12 gauge slampiggy sitting on the mantle. Also 3d printed lowers and frames make my dick hard.
>pic related

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The fact that weapons like these are becoming available to children disgusts me.


You're just a pussy.

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