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Grand opening of Bananachan!

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Welcome to the Lonely Loft imageboard /ll/

This board is intended for discussing subjects ranging from artwork, creative media, video games, and mixology. Make sure to follow the rules below for proper etiquette and quality posting.

1. Follow Global Rules, do not post illegal content and report any.
2. Spoil NSFW images. Gore and shock images are not permitted at any time.
3. No duplicate threads, check the catalog to make sure there is not one already made.
4. No furry content.
5. This board is for artwork, media, vidya, and mixology.

Enjoy your stay

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I remember the old iteration

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This Banana-Chan project is in the works and room for improvement is plenty, but to break the ice and have some discussion, let me start the first bar talk session.

What's a Bar talk session? Well it's what you'd expect: a thread for general chatter and posting, not following a particular topic the whole time and often having it changed like the wind! It's more fun and loose that way.

A few things that need to occur on this board and website overall, is added decor and function. For starters, Oekaki support, custom css themes, and banners would be good to have.

Until we get those features, the only thing we can really do right now is just chat and post pictures. So why not dust off the tablet, mouse, or sketch book and show anons your skills. If you're sadly not that good with drawing, well take this template I made and do something silly with it. Bar Talk #1 will begin… now.
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Honestly yeah, it's sickening and if I'm gonna be poking /LL/ I wanna stay away from that shit


There’s no place for it here, /LL/ is meant to be the art board with a side of movie discussion and games. I’m gonna be posting some art for a Banana Chan logo or a mascot later, you’re welcome to dabble in fucking around to make something or request an idea you have.


y are people unironically getting mad over things people on the internet say lmao ahahaha


Because acting like a 14 year old visiting /b/ for the first time is retarded and unoriginal


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A few boards were added with one (/wp/) being replaced with /bf/. I will take brickposting anytime over another cozy wallpaper thread, shit is more fun and entertaining then sofa picks. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Once the option of Hcaptcha comes out for BO’s I’ll be planning to put it here in case of bot spam

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I'm just going to say it.
I'm gay.
I've really been working hard to hide it from everyone but it's been eating at me for about 7 years now.

It's been really hard, and I hope you guys will accept me.

I found out that I thought other men were attractive when I was watching this streamer called GreekGodx on twitch.

I never thought much of him until he fell over backward on twitchfails where his shirt slid up for just a second.

At that moment I had a throbbing erection and realized, I was gay. I got so horny I came, I came very hard and jizzed all over my monitor. My wife was watching me the whole time and learned I was gay.

We are now in the process of a divorce. She's taking my child.

I can only turn to you guys. Please accept me. I'm begging you.


ok fagman


ok fagman


Thanks Pokebert.


ok fagman


ok fagman

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