Tip Of The Day: Ukko — by JoshuaDoes at 07/26/20 (Sun) 03:05:45

Have you ever wanted to see how truly dead this site is? Head over to /ukko/, you won't be disappointed. |:^}

Two Months of Bananachan — by Sergeant Greasemixer at 06/21/20 (Sun) 06:54:34

And we've made it through month two. Activity on the site is dead! We did it reddit :^)

Now on to some news! First and foremost, Mountainside got reset, ashes of new and fucking whatever. Be sure to run by, and see it. It's Version 1.15.2 (Currently). The triumphant return of an old enemy known as Straitos. Absolutely worth keeping an eye out.

In other news, a historical event will be occurring for this community in a very short 26 days. We will keep you posted and shit, or not, nobody reads these anyway.

How about The Last of Us 2, huh? Pretty fucking crazy, ey? I do not like it, no sir not me. Wouldn't catch me playing that bullshit, nope nope! Additionally, I've found myself heavily recapping the unfortunate event when I called my 6th grade english teacher mommy and was called a "Faggot" my whole school year for it.

So this is Sergeant Greasemixer wishing July to be a good, upbeat month.

One Month of Bananachan (Just about :D) — by Sergeant Greasemixer at 05/27/20 (Wed) 12:19:14

Hello Bananachan, it's me, your generous god!
In 3 very short days, Bananachan will officially be a month old! What have we accomplished in this time?

-Bait/Shit threads being addressed with "Ok fagman" without fail
-People complaining about a Minecraft server and bitching about the man who pays for it
-High quality bullying
-Full embrace of the brick fandom! :^)

With this being said, i'm very proud of this community so far and look forward to the future of this platform and all the terrible things that it will be used for.


This is your friendly neighborhood Sergeant Greasemixer, signing off on the first month!

Welcome to Bananachan! — by JoshuaDoes at 04/30/20 (Thu) 22:29:12

We have the functionality to use the news, so I'm just going to get the ball rolling.

Welcome to Bananachan, an early morning project that began at 2:00 AM EST on April 30th, 2020. Times were so simple, "Yo josh question" he began. But in the heat of a second, "on a scale of 'EZ POOPOO' to 'BONONONONONONONONONNO' - how many hurdles would I have to jump through for an imageboard like we used to have" spurred from his grace and fell into the abyss. Secretly high OP was assigned a task, and it was time to begin.

The name for the imageboard began on a whim, our first ever interaction upon which Cubetrap (later AKA Sergeant Greasemixer) would attempt to disrupt my idea of easy-going Discord server moderation by posting the now-infamous 'Banana Cage' meme. "I think we should name the site itself something that goes back to the fucking beginning." And our imageboard was going to be like any other community chan, so his immediate followup was the meme itself with a caption none other than "Bananachan."

After some work sorting out the domain ( and a full morning's sleep starting around 6 AM and ending around 1 PM, I finished preparation of the site and everything was working as intended. We setup our moderation panel and made sure the boards worked. And after an accidental post database reset, we launched.

Again I welcome you to Bananachan, which poses mere simple rules:
>No content or activity that breaks United States law.
>Obey each board's individual rulesets.
>No doxxing the users here, or posting personal information of any individuals.
>No spamming the fuckin' boards, people. Come on.

Anything else is fair game, so proceed with caution. The staff are one 'JoshuaDoes', one 'Sergeant Greasemixer', and one 'Knight', however it is impossible to know that you are speaking to the real staff member so await actual action before trusting a source.

Good luck and have fun!