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Grand opening of Bananachan!

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five night at freddy

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you guys like earthbound
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no fuck off


spooky halloween


Im fucking upset you even asked this. This is racist, sexist, discriminatory, fascist, ableist and conservative. We have no use for scummy people like you. Also that thing you said 7 years ago is big yikes from me 🙄. Blocked and reported.


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Fuck off name nigger. I don't care if you are shitposting, you need to go back.

OP why is this game so fucking dark and edgy? I think you have to be mentally ill to enjoy a game with a period tampon grooming children as the final boss.


>>33 That only comes in at the end of the game. Majority of the game is relatively lighthearted with some darker undertones. It's honestly done really well too. It's one of my favorite endgame bosses in any game.

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Oh? So you touched my little princess huh? That wasn't a good idea, now was it? Because I'm a bad little teddy bear, and I'm gonna make you regret that…


ok fagman


ok fagman

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Alright /v/ros, what are your guilty pleasure games


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Game is nothing but a walking sim with a MYSTERY. Despite the fact it's super linear, I would kill to live in the town of Red Creek Valley.



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Yeah okay but, what is the best Tomb Raider game? Dont answer if you haven't played multiple.

The 2013 Reboot is the one I always go back to.


Good take.

I'm just waiting for hipsters to come along and say classics are better, for no reason other than the fact that they're old kek

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HZD anyone?


Funniest shit you did in a game you were not supposed to do said thing in.

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Five Nights At Freddy's thread


why is he so hot


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why are we still here? just to suffer?


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Check em faggot.

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This game slaps harder than New Horizons.


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Banjo Kazooie fucking sucks


Agree to disagree. The gamecube version of the game will always reign supreme.

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mario kart wii (wahoo)
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Anyone can pick up Mario Cart and play, it's super casual.


That is a fair point, actually.


You DARE fucking challenge me?? You make me sick you scum. You want to have gay sex in your little dual cars like a bitchfag?


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mario car that


Casual??? What the fuck do you take me for?

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