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ITT: Experiences with sleep paralysis

About 2 years ago, I had my first experience with sleep paralysis. In case you're the one person on earth who doesn't know, sleep paralysis is a state during waking up or falling asleep where the brain is active enough for you to think and see, but not enough for you to move your body or speak. During these experiences, the subject can experience hallucinations, sometimes light, sometimes severe, usually depicting shadowy humanoids or surreal beasts.

I was gonna talk about my first experience with sleep paralysis, but it made this post too long, so I'll skip to the one that's actually interesting.
This one was also in the day, although my room was relatively darker. This episode was much more severe, and was only a few months ago as well. This time I luckily had the awareness to know it was sleep paralysis, but even then it was still one of the most horrifying things I've ever experienced. The entity this time was some kind of canine-like beast. It breathed heavily next to me, thing felt like it was gonna tear into me at any moment. The hallucination was powerful enough that it felt like it's breath was hitting me and making my hair rustle. It's face looked as if it had no skin or hair, just an exposed skull, like something straight out of an SCP entry. The only reason I was able to relax myself for the entire minute it was going on was by noticing that the family dog and 2 of the cats were sleeping on and around me and had no reaction to it, so I of course knew by then it was a hallucination and not some kind of spiritual experience. Even yet it was the most horrifying 60 seconds of my life to date, granted I don't have a very interesting or particularly scary life. I just hope I don't have anymore episodes.
Got any sleep paralysis stories, anons?


I have sleep paralysis pretty often. Just don't open your eyes you dolt.
All you saw was just something in the room you were in, like the back of a chair or something close to your face.


There wasn't anything in my room next to me or anywhere close to my face. The only nearby object that was within my sight was my desk which does not have a chair in front of it because my chair is busted, and i could see my desk clearly, so my brain wasn't rendering that as the dog-like entity either. I'll try closing my eyes next time i have sleep paralysis though.

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This might sound a tad bit boring but I think I'll post anyway. One time I spent the night at my best friends house, in his basement. I had a couple of other friends who were down there with me but they were all asleep. I had a weird dream where my best friend and his girlfriend were talking about a ghost (who I think was a female in the basement that screams when walking towards you. I remember feeling very uncomfortable in the dream and suddenly hearing a high pitched screaming sound.The last thing I remember was trying to run and telling my friend that it definitely was not a female, nor was it friendly. I woke up and I immediately wanted to go home. Except I couldn't move. People talk a lot about seeing a 'sleep paralysis demon' and that absolutely terrifies me, so I closed my eyes until I could move. This wasn't the first time someone has mentioned a ghost in the basement and it wasn't the last. I drove home as fast as I could and I didn't go back to his house for a while. Does anyone think this was genuinely paranormal or just my imagination?

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First post, I'll try to make it fun.

I think my sister is haunted. When she was a baby she was too scared to sleep alone, so my brother slept on her floor. She would cry a lot and my brother saw her toys move. One night he woke up and her life sized doll was on top of him, hand on neck. Years later my sister started talking in her sleep a lot, sometimes she said some creepy stuff. I think she spoke another language once but I was too young to know for sure. In recent years she would bolt up in the night screaming and staring at her room corner. Her dreams are creepy too. A few months ago she dreamt about being in an asylum and meeting a girl who drank pig's blood.
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>watches horror movies


I watched horror shit as early as 3 years old and it fucked me pretty bad in early childhood, so yes it's a valid question


Lmao you need to exorcise your sister m8


Exorcism moment 🤠


I have to agree with this story. I did something to my sister in the back and now she talks in her sleep. Also stares at me eeriely.

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